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2004.05.13 15:54 "libtiff install", by Mike Badar
2004.05.13 16:54 "Re: libtiff install", by Frank Warmerdam
2004.05.13 17:43 "Re: libtiff install", by Mike Badar
2004.05.13 21:18 "Re: libtiff install", by Andrey Kiselev
2004.05.14 13:51 "Re: libtiff install", by Mike Badar

2004.05.13 15:54 "libtiff install", by Mike Badar


I apologize for the length of this email.  I wanted to make sure I included
all of the information necessary to help answer my question.

I downloaded the 3.6.0 version of libtiff from and made the
following changes to

DSO="auto"                      # auto|IRIX|IRIX52 enable DSO support for
JPEG="no"                       # yes|no configure JPEG support (see below)
ZIP="no"                        # yes|no configure Deflate support (see
LIBGL="no"                      # yes|no|auto configure IRIS GL-based tools
LIBIMAGE="no"                   # yes|no|auto configure SGI RGB image tools
HTML="no"                       # yes|no install HTML documentation

#NONINTERACTIVE=yes             # yes|no Don't ask for confirmation on

# Directory parameters.
DIR_BIN="/monkey1/software/tiff-v3.6.0/bin"     # directory for tools
DIR_LIB="/monkey1/software/tiff-v3.6.0/lib"     # directory for libraries
DIR_INC="/monkey1/software/tiff-v3.6.0/include" # directory for include
DIR_MAN="/monkey1/software/tiff-v3.6.0/man"     # directory for manual pages
DIR_HTML="/monkey1/software/tiff-v3.6.0/html"   # directory for HTML
LARGEFILE="yes"                 # support for large (>2GiB) files

I have the following directories and files in the tiff source directory:


COPYRIGHT    README        VERSION        config.sub*  dist/     man/
Makefile     RELEASE-DATE  config.guess*  configure*   html/     port/  TODO    contrib/     libtiff/*

I have the following directories created based on the above information in


Makefile    config.log    include/    libtiff/     port/ 
bin/        html/         lib/        man/         tools/

I am running AIX 5.1 maintenance level 5, version 3.3.2 of gcc, and GNU Make
version 3.80.  I run configure as follows:

root:/monkey1/software/tiff-v3.6.0> ../tiff-v3.6.0 _source/configure

Configuring TIFF Software v3.6.0

If configure does the wrong thing, check the file config.log for
information that may help you understand what went wrong.

Reading site-wide parameters from ../tiff-v3.6.0_source/
Fee, fie, foe, this smells like a powerpc-ibm-aix5.1.0.0 system.
Using /monkey1/software/gcc-3.3.2/bin/gcc for a C compiler (use
-with-CC=compilername to override).
Looks like /monkey1/software/gcc-3.3.2/bin/gcc supports the -g option.
Using "-g" for C compiler options.
Using /usr/bin/make to configure the software.
Defaulting MACHDEPLIBS to -lm.

Creating libtiff/port.h with necessary definitions.
... using MSB2LSB bit order for your powerpc cpu
... using big-endian byte order for your powerpc cpu
... configure use of mmap for memory-mapped files
... O_RDONLY is in <fcntl.h>
... using double for promoted floating point parameters
... enabling use of inline functions
Creating libtiff directory
Done creating libtiff/port.h.

Checking system libraries for functionality to emulate.
Done checking system libraries.

Checking for Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) support.
Looks like your system supports AIX-style DSOs...
... sigh, but /monkey1/software/gcc-3.3.2/bin/gcc does not support DSOs in
the expected way.
Done checking for DSO support.

Selecting programs used during installation.
Looks like mv supports the -f option to force a move.
Looks like /usr/bin/ln supports the -s option to create a symbolic link.
Done selecting programs.

Selecting default TIFF configuration parameters.

Looks like manual pages go in /monkey1/software/tiff-v3.6.0/man.
Looks like manual pages should be installed with sysv-source-strip.

TIFF configuration parameters are:

[ 1] Directory for tools:        	/monkey1/software/tiff-v3.6.0/bin
[ 2] Directory for libraries:           /monkey1/software/tiff-v3.6.0/lib
[ 3] Directory for include files:
[ 4] Directory for manual pages:        /monkey1/software/tiff-v3.6.0/man
[ 5] Directory for HTML documents:      /monkey1/software/tiff-v3.6.0/html
[ 6] Manual page installation scheme:   sysv-source-strip

Are these ok [yes]? yes

Creating Makefile from ../tiff-v3.6.0_source/
Creating libtiff/Makefile from ../tiff-v3.6.0_source/libtiff/
Creating man/Makefile from ../tiff-v3.6.0_source/man/
Creating tools directory
Creating tools/Makefile from ../tiff-v3.6.0_source/tools/
Creating port directory
Creating port/ from ../tiff-v3.6.0_source/port/

After running 'make' without error, the config.log file in
/monkey1/software/tiff-v3.6.0 contains the following error (I did not
include the entire log file, only the last 10 or 15 lines which might be
relevant to the error):

+ cat t.c
#include "stdlib.h"
+ make -f confMakefile t
        extern void free(void *);
+ make -f confMakefile t
/monkey1/software/gcc-3.3.2/bin/gcc  t.c -lm
+ make -f confMakefile t
/monkey1/software/gcc-3.3.2/bin/gcc  t.c -lm
+ make -f confMakefile t
/monkey1/software/gcc-3.3.2/bin/gcc  t.c -lm
+ cat t.c
int f() { return 0; }
+ make -f confMakefile t
/monkey1/software/gcc-3.3.2/bin/gcc  -bM\:SRE -c t.c
gcc: couldn't run `/monkey1/software/gcc-3.3.2/bin/M:SRE-gcc-3.3.2': No such
file or directory
make: *** [t.o] Error 1

Since 'make' and 'make install' did not return any errors, can I assume my
installation is valid?  Can someone explain to me the error in the
config.log file?  I appreciate your time and any suggestions.

Mike Badar
One International Ct.
Broomfield, CO  80021-3200