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June 1999

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1999.06.18 21:35 "Possible bug found in tool "tiffcmp"", by Eric B Middlecamp

Hello everyone. I've just recently joined the mailing list..

I've been making some modifications to the libtiff tool "tiffcmp," and I think
I've found a bug.
When the tool compares images scanline by scanline, it first does a memcmp over
the whole
scanline, and if different, goes into a loop to find the specific difference.
Some of the time, I've
noticed, the tool will find a difference in the memory step but not in the loop
step.  I believe that
the loop is only (1/samples per pixel) as long as it should be.  The loop is
currently over the
number of pixels in the scanline, but it is actually incrementing in bytes.

I was just wondering if anyone else out there has used, tested, or modified
"tiffcmp"  and
noticed similar problems.

Eric Middlecamp
Intern, Imation Corp