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July 1999

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1999.07.27 21:38 "Activity? Maintenance?", by Michael L Welles

Is anyone on this list currently maintaining libtiff?  

I've re-folded in changes (that added IPTC Newsphoto and Photoshop
captioning tags) that were being shiped with a forked version that was
being distributed with the NT ImageMagick into v3.4beta037, and as
mail regarding this has gone hitherto unanswered, have made it
available on

It appears that the library is without a current maintainer:  SGI
does not have a forwarding address for Sam, and other attempts to
track him down have been unsuccedssful. 

This being the case, I've gone ahead and registered, and
am in the process of getting appropriate documentation and links onto
the site, and placing the code in CVS.  

I'd rather not step on any toes, though, so before I go and finish all
this and announce the merged code as a new version, I'd like to send
out one last request to make sure it really is orphaned. 

If it is, I guess I'll be announcing the new version soon.  If not,
then can I offer the use of and my assistance to whomever
is maintaining?  And might I redouble my request to get the IPTC
patches includeded?

M. L.  Welles