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June 1999

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1999.06.01 18:11 "Re[2]: Tiff to PDF conversion", by Gary Weimer

There have been a few suggestions made, but I'd like to know how
automated you want this.  You're talking about LOTS of files and folders.  You
might think about Adobe Capture.  It will cost about $1000, but you can set up
conditions, watched folders, and specify output directories.  It won't be
completely automated, but it works fairly simply.  On the high end, you might
want to look at Input/Accel from Input Software, or Kofax Ascent Capture.  Both
could do the same, but probably a little less manually.  Costs can run high with
these products, however.
If you're trying to convert 150,000 files across 2,000 directories, it seems to
me you have a choice - either spend you're time and money developing the process
(by means of custom software, or other) or by managing the actual conversion.  2
points that may help:
1.  Is this a one-time project?
2.  Do you anticipate needing to do this again with other files?

Either way, it looks like you're going to have to make an investment of some

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Subject:    Re: Tiff to PDF conversion
Date:       6/1/1999 11:35 AM

I have about 150000 TIFF Files that I would like to convert in PDF format;
these files are structured in 2000 directories and in order to build a PDF
File, I want to use a specific program asking me which files from which
directory are going to be stored together. In my idea, a little program as
WinZip seems very well done.

My first issue was to visit the Adobe Web Site and the Adobe SDK 4.0 seems
to be helpful to build such dedicated program.

Are there alternative issues ? Thanks for your responses.

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