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1999.06.01 18:39 "[Fwd: [Fwd: Tiff to PDF conversion]]", by Tim Mcnerney

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From: Tim McNerney <>
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I've been asked a couple times about TIFF to PDF conversion. I did this
for another company, so I don't have the code available and my memory
isn't great. What you do in general is put in the standard PDF header
information and then have an image object which should look something

/Type /XObject
/Subtype /Image
/Name /Im0
/Width 1400
/Height 2400
/BitsPerComponent 1
/ColorSpace /DeviceGray
/Filter /CCITT /G4     # I don't remember this line at all-check PDF
/Length 0000102901
<G4 image>

Where <G4 image> is the bytestream for the image, just as you'd find it
in a TIFF.

Sorry I can't be of more direct help.