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May 1997

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1997.05.03 09:51 "Printer used for raw TIFF printing", by Iris Radulescu

I am very very interested: what brand, model, etc, are you using?
At Monash we are tied in to QMS printers for our imaging implementation
because of this capability.
It would be nice to know what ELSE can decompress CCITT TIFF. I heard of
Talaris (a splinter group of early QMS engineers? ? ?) but there is no
indication they exist in Australia.

We have a shareware program that works in 16-bit to display TIFF multipage
and raw-print to QMS printers - using the SpoolFile feature. The next
version - in 2 weeks - will include a Win95/NT conversion of SpoolFile.
Program can be found at - see the MONVIEW

Looking forward to the information!
Iris Radulescu
Snr Analyst/Programmer
Monash University Library