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2005.05.03 11:35 "TIFFReadRGBAImage problem", by Katrina Maramba

Im doing a project wherein I'd have to put all the image data (meaning:
starting from first offset to the last) on a data buffer and feed it to the
TIFFReadRGBAImage API and have the image parsed.  I already made sure that
the elements of the tiff structure which is a parameter of this API contains
the right values it needs.
Unfortunately, it does not work.
This is where the error occurs (in tif_lzw.c):
free_entp->next = oldcodep;
if (free_entp->next < &sp->dec_codetab[0] ||
   free_entp->next >= &sp->dec_codetab[CSIZE]) {
   "LZWDecode: Corrupted LZW table at scanline %d",
            return (0);
The address of free_entp->next is 8-digit less of &sp->dec_codetab[0].
My guess is it is because my buffer starts at the 8th byte of the original
image (because I already parsed and disregarded the 8-byte header).  But Im
not very sure.
Can anyone take a guess on what went wrong?  What is the easiest fix for