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July 1998

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1998.07.24 22:24 "Tiff viewer", by John Xu

Hi, all:
Forgive me if I send this email to wrong group but I don't know other
group related to tiff.

Does somebody know where we can good tiff viewers for Mac and Unix?


Tom Lane wrote:

> I believe that tiffdump contains a fundamental byte-swapping error.
> Consider the situation where a field contains two SHORT values.
> The data fits in 4 bytes and thus will appear directly in the
> IFD value/offset field.  If the file was written by a littleendian
> machine and is being read on a bigendian machine, we want to swap
> bytes in the two individual SHORTs, but maintain their order.
> tiffdump gets it wrong, and ends up printing the two SHORT values
> in the wrong order.
> Attached is a sample little-endian file which exhibits the error when
> inspected on a bigendian machine.  The YCbCrSubsampling field contains
> 2,1.  The library gets this right (eg, tiffinfo prints the right thing);
> but tiffdump says:
> YCbCrSubsampling (530) SHORT (3) 2<1 2>
> which is disastrously wrong.
> I think the correct way to fix this is not to apply TIFFSwabArrayOfLong
> to the value field right away in ReadDirectory, but to wait and apply
> the proper Swab routine *after* determining the element size.  The
> PrintByte and PrintShort routines are wrong too: they should be acting
> on the basis of the local machine's endianness, not the file's.
>                         regards, tom lane
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                      Type: TIFF Image (image/tiff)
>    Part 1.2      Encoding: Base64
>               Description: ds300_exif.tiff

John Xu
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