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May 2001

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2001.05.18 03:21 "libtiff on OSX?", by Ben Dubin-thaler
2001.05.18 07:05 "Re: libtiff on OSX?", by Doug Holton
2001.05.18 12:45 "Re: libtiff on OSX?", by Frank Warmerdam
2001.05.18 13:41 "A small fix", by Marti Maria
2001.05.21 21:30 "Re: libtiff on OSX?", by <>

2001.05.21 21:30 "Re: libtiff on OSX?", by <>

>i was wondering if anyone has gotten any version of libtiff to compile 
>on Mac OSX which as far as I know is a version of BSD at the bottom. if 
>so, could you enlighten me?

I ve got tiff-v3.5.6-beta.tar.gz to compile on Darwin 1.2.1 and on Darwin
1.3.1. But I had to replace the 
config.guess from libtiff with the one from /usr/libexec/ and I had to 
comment out the line that says:

        MACHDEPLIBS=-lm                         # machine-dependent 
libraries for apps

in configure. After this 

make install

went fine. There is a newer version on the server: 
tiff-v3.5.7-alpha.tar.gz. In this version the above patched have not to be 
applied. But this version didn't build neighter on Darwin 1.2.1 nor Darwin
1.3.1. Of course, your milleage may vary. If you get to compile this please 
tell me.

BTW. Frank Warmerdam <> who maintains libtiff asked me 
for help on the above topic since he could not reproduce the problems I 
had. His special quest was for access to my machine so he could look what 
is going wrong. Since this was not possible (I am sitting in a private 
Subnet behind a firewall) I ask you if you could possibly help in this 
case. I would appreciate this very much since I am also interested in any 
progress here.

Greetings, Lars