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May 2002

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2002.05.28 15:14 "How to make a TIFF file on Unix", by Walmsley Charles

Hello to you all, 

My name is Charles Walmsley, and my e-mail is  This is my first communication to this
mailing list, list to which I am a very new member. My membership of this
mailing list is almost be not quite as recent as my interest in making TIFF
files on Unix (a difference of half an hour, I'd guess).  My problem is a
simple one - I don't know how to achieve my goal.  My goal is to take an
ASCII file - which contains nothing but printable ASCII plus the escape
sequences I need to do font and character size selection on a Dataproducts
LM 600 printer - and turn it into a TIFF file.  

I don't need a nurse,  I left home a while ago,  I can read ,
programme, and do most of the other "clever" tricks we do in this business
(including access the Internet) - but I am most awfully short of time.  I
would be very grateful if anybody (or everybody) out there would be kind
enough to point me in the right direction.  Very grateful indeed.

Thanks for your patience,

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