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April 1994

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1994.04.07 18:56 "Bad Gamma Fax Tiff Files", by Ken Land


I'm about to add support for Gamma Fax group 3 tiff files into the
latest v3.3 beta.  But before I start I wanted to see if someone
else had solved the problem.

Basically the problem with the files are that:

1. The RowsPerStrip tag is 0
2. The ImageLength tag is 0

This of course upsets libtiff!
My current work around is to run the files through fax2tiff which
simply gives a few warnings as it passes through the header, but
picks up just fine once it gets to the G3 data.

Using fax2tiff is not an acceptable long term solution so...
If anybody has a better solution please let me know.
With the popularity of GammaLink products I'm sure many 
would benefit from such a fix.

Ken Land