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January 1994

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1994.01.13 18:31 "ghostscript", by Sait Umar

Hi, I don't know whether this is the correct place to ask but I am getting
an error message when I use Ghostscript 2.6.1 (with 4 pathces) on my SGI
machines (Indy and Indigo). The error is:

Initializing... Warning: failed to allocate 5x5x5 RGB cube

Is there anything I can do? Are there any specific compilation options
for Ghostscript on SGI machines?


-------------------------------------------------------------------------         Prof.A.S. Umar
umarsa00@vuctrvax.bitnet                Department of Physics & Astronomy
Tel: (615) 322-2459                     Vanderbilt University
Fax: (615) 343-7263                     Nashville, TN 37235