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April 1994

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1994.04.26 13:58 "Sun Sparcworks compiler under Solaris 2.3", by George Armhold

This is with libtiff 3.30beta ALPHA 002, directly from

Has there been any work to get libtiff to compile cleanly under
Solaris 2.x using Sparcworks?  We have the C++ compiler ("CC") , but
no C compiler ("cc").  Sparcworks CC is one of the most restrictive
compilers I've worked with, but I managed to get it to compile by
supplying a few explicit casts, and other minor tweaks, but there are
still hundreds of warnings, e.g.:

"mkg3states.c", line 117: warning:  unsigned char  initialized with unsigned long 

"tif_read.c", line 250: warning: negative assigned to unsigned
"tif_read.c", line 539: warning:  != expression as operand for ^

The code does seem to work, at least with the few apps I've tested it

We do have gcc, but due to some development constraints, I need to
compile with the Sun-provided compiler.

Also, the xtiff program supplied in the contrib directory doesn't
compile due to lack of a definition for TIFFTAG_COLORRESPONSECURVE.  I
tried mailing the author, but mail bounces from that address.

Any and all help appreciated...