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January 1994

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1994.01.26 00:29 "Tiff library for epsf2epsi filter", by Jonathan E Ganz

I sent the following to 
Apparently, he's out of town. Can you help?

From ganz Tue Jan 25 16:06:38 1994
Subject: Tiff library for epsf2epsi filter
Content-Length: 696
X-Lines: 24        
Sorry to bother you... I'm trying to convert Adobe Illustrator
files on the Mac platform so that they will be visible on my
Sun workstation.  I was told that this filter works.  Currently,
I can import them and print them, but can't display em.
I've ftp'd the epsf2epsi.tar file, which seems to require the 
"Tiff library software."  
Can you tell me,
1) Is this what I want? 
2) Will this work for the intended purpose?
Thanks in advance!