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April 2002

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2002.04.30 18:00 "Information Needed", by Ed Przybylek
2002.04.30 22:25 "Re: Information Needed", by Kiriakos Georgiou

2002.04.30 18:00 "Information Needed", by Ed Przybylek

Good morning, 
Please forgive me if I'm writing to the wrong address, but I haven't
found another address that seems to be more appropriate. 
I'm a software engineer working for Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester,
New York.  I work in a department primarily concerned with image
analysis.  For quite some time we have been using LIBTIFF V3.4.  During
the time we've been using the software, we have corrected a number of
bugs that we've found and we have made a number of enhancements to get
the software to more closely fit our requirements.  Because of some new
requirements that have arisen, we are in the process of deciding whether
to make further modifications to the version of LIBTIFF we are using or
get the latest release of the software (LIBTIFF V3.5) and use it
instead.  We realize we'll still need to make modifications to V3.5, but
we're hoping they will be less extensive than what would be required to
get the software we are currently using to support our new requirements.
I've ben assigned the task of helping to decide which route would be the
! best to take.  I'm trying to find out if there is any documentation
that fully describes the capabilities of V3.4 and V3.5, bugs that were
corrected by V3.5 and any documentation that thoroughly describes the
differences between V3.4 and V3.5.  I also need to find out the maximum
TIFF file size that can be handled by LIBTIFF V3.5.  Any help on finding
such documentation would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks an awful lot. 
Take care, 
Ed Przybylek 
E-mail address: 
Telephone number: (585)253-5770

Editor's note: This mail was not originally archived, and has been reconstructed from quotes.