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April 2002

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2002.04.19 11:10 "fax2tiff problems...", by Siro Martello

I have been doing some work with the libtiff tool 'fax2tiff'. After having
resolved a few problems to make it run on Windows, I have tested it using
the g3test.g3 file from the provided pics folder. The pics folder contains a
g3test.tif image that was generated with fax2tiff. I haven't been able to do
the same using fax2tiff for g3test.g3 and I have received error messages
saying "Line mismatch at scanline...(got...expected...)" and also "Premature
EOL at scanline...(got...expected...)". Why did this happen? I was expecting
fax2tiff to work OK with the file g3test.g3 as there is proof that it has
worked with somebody else. All I get is a file with some garbage black and
white pixels.
This worries me as I am in the process of writing a plugin reader for image
data that contains CCITT G4 compressed data. I have tried to modify fax2tiff
to read the raw G4 data with the hope I would have obtained a tiff image but
again I obtained the same error messages as I did with g3test.g3 and no data
were written into the tif file.
Thanks for any suggestion/help to solve the problem.
Best regards. 

Siro Martello
Cadcorp Ltd

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