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August 2010

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2010.08.26 07:27 "A region of the output image is deformed while merging two images into single image using TIFFCROP/EDGE_RIGHT", by Pradeep Kumar

Hello All,
I am merging two images to get a single image using TIFFCROP (with some
customization) with EDGE_RIGHT option of extractCompositeRegions function.
But the output image will be getting deformed. More clearly, merging image-A
with the half of the Image-B (which is cropped to get the same height of
image A). The output image AB which is a single image but the region of
image-A is deformed even if all the parameters of parent images are same
except the size. Actually I am patching the image-A with a portion of the
image-B so that to get a preferred image  on EDGE_RIGHT. Edge coincidence
has anything to do with this? Any expert please advice me ...
Thanks in advance.