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July 1998

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1998.07.22 14:08 "Re: TIFF to PDF", by Simon Wieczner

Snowbound Software RasterMaster 7.0 ( has this capability.
However currently it is only available under Windows 95, NT, Mac and Sun
Solaris.  Java and/or HP might be available in the next two months.

At 10:30 AM 7/22/1998 +0100, WENZEL wrote:
>I need to convert a collection of TIFF docs (300.000 pages) into single
>PDF's. This must run as a batch on an HP-UX Server.
>ImageMagick does not solve my problem because it's to slow.
>Any idea ?
>Thanks in advance
>Udo Wenzel
>DIN Deutsches Institut fuer Normung e.V.

best regards,
Simon Wieczner
Snowbound Software Corporation tel: 617 630-9495 x15  fax: 617 630-0210
29 Crafts Street Suite 380 Newton, MA 02458 website:
"Imaging Software - Powerful, Fast, Reliable"