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July 2017

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2017.07.09 19:13 "EXIF 2.31 Enhancement for LibTiff and some other bugfixes", by <>

Dear all

LibTiff version 4.0.7 is enhanced with EXIF- and GPS- tags according to EXIF
2.31 specification.

The patches and files are provided in the BugList as enhancement:   
Furthermore, additional enhancements and corrections are included:1) Data
type of GPS_IFD and EXIF_IFD tags are corrected from TIFF_IFD8 to TIFF_LONG
as of    EXIF 2.31 specification.     See also Writing and reading of
rational values in custom fields is enhanced resulting in nearly    double
precision - standard LibTiff only has float precision. This feature can be
enabled    with #define RATIONAL2DOUBLE in tiffiop.h.   However, if
RATIONAL2DOUBLE is defined, parameter type for reading and writing
TIFF_RATIONAL    parameters using TIFFSetField() and TIFFGetField() have to
be adapted to 'double' as defined    in tif_dirinfo.c. The function
IsRational2Double() indicates, if the library was compiled with this
option.See also Rationals with true DOUBLE precision for CUSTOM defined tags
( The "#define
IGNORE 0" in tif_dirread.c collides with the GPS tag "VersionID=0" 
   and prevents the tag to be read. Therefore, the #define should be
   for example to "#define IGNORE 65534 //(-2)"4) FILESOURCE and SCENETYPE
   are defined as TIFF_UNDEFINED. 
   However, TiffLib does not read TIFF_UNDEFINED with field_readcount==1! 
   Therefore, they should be defined as TIFF_BYTE.Complete changed files
   regarding to LibTiff version 4.0.7 are attached:   tiffiop.h;
   tif_dirwrite.c; tif_dirinfo.c; tif_dirread.c; tif_dir.c; tiff.h;
   tiffio.h; tif_dir.hFurthermore a patch file against version 4.0.7 is
   attached too:    TiffLib-4.0.7_EXIF-231_.patchTwo example files for
   writing/reading EXIF and GPS tags are provided within the "test"
   directory.  Because EXIF sub-directory functionality in LibTiff misuses
   the mechanism of multipage TIFF writing,damaged or incomplete
   directory-trunks are generated easily without intention.-
   custom_dir_EXIF_231.c- custom_dir_MultiPage_EXIF.cThey give some hints,
   how to read / write tags with the different types.This information is
   provided in the BugList as enhancement:   
   ( application of
   custom directories refer to:"Custom and EXIF directory read/write", by
   Frank Warmerdam and"Creating
   private IFD", by

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