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May 2017

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2017.05.04 16:15 "Reading Exif from Tiff files with Multiple Pages", by Nouri Alnahawi


has anyone of you tried to read EXIF information form TIFF files that have
multiple pages?

I've been using TIFFReadExifDirectory() to open the EXIF IFD, which works
just fine on almost all TIFF files. Then I read the tags I need using
TIFFGetField() with the tags such as EXIF_EXPOSURETIME etc.

Now I have these new made TIFF images that have two pages, and it's not
working anymore. The first method call jumps to the EXIF IFD, but reading
the tags returns 0 all the time. While debugging I found out that
TIFFVGetField() is not being called; instead some Predictor method is called
inside TIFFGetField, and I assume that it's because the tags cannot be found

I've attached one of those files, I don't know if it'll get through though.

In short, help, please? And thanks!

Best Regards

Nouri Alnahawi B.Sc.
Assistent Studienberater / Assistant Student Advisor
Koordinationsstelle Studierende mit Fluchthintergrund
Student Service Center (SSC)

Hochschule Darmstadt
University of Applied Sciences

Schöfferstraße 3
D-64295 Darmstadt
phone: +49 176 64718339
fax: +49 6151 16-38048