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May 2008

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2008.05.28 17:33 "Watermarking in tiffcp", by Richard Nolde

Since I have a port of tiffcp called tiffcrop that does many additional 
things besides copying tiff files, I might be able to add the watermark 
feature to tiffcrop. I have code that can handle extracting portions of 
images and it could be adapted to position the watermark on an image. 
Bilevel and grayscale images should not be too much of a problem, but 
Palette and RGB images would require some way to determine the 
appropriate palette index or color values to be used when applying the 
watermark.  Send me your sample code and I'll take a look or download 
the CVS head version of tiffcrop.c

Richard Nolde
Tiffcrop author

rnichard8 at qwest dot net