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June 1999

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1999.06.09 22:03 "Re: Re(2): Large File Support", by Martin Bailey

At 08:54 09/06/99 -0400, Dan Smith wrote:
>As psmith and I have already stated, our respective companies ARE up
>against it
>NOW, although it is not yet a crisis... just an anxiety lurking under the
>The way it arose here was: we make a (really good) imagesetter (called the
>StingRay,, email, or anywhere
>better imagesetters are sold) that can image up to 25" wide by 8' long at
>to 3556 dpi. So we were about to print that in our specs. And someone
>conscientious said, "Before we do, let's make sure we REALLY can
>25" wide AND 8' long AND 3556 dpi. Go have someone set that up." 
>And someone on the software side had to say, "Sorry, Dave, I can't 
>do that."  It really makes the mechanical and optical engineers and the
>marketing people cranky when they have a machine that could do
>something neat if only it weren't limited by that pesky software.
>We've had customers that needed 25" wide and customers that needed
>8' long and customers that needed 3556 dpi, but so far nobody has needed
>all three of them at the same time. It doesn't take a Cassandra to see
>ahead, though.

OK, OK, I'm convinced that people using TIFF have a real problem here, but
surely, Dan, you're not using TIFF/IT for the raster that you plan to send
to your imagesetter (a fine beast indeed, especially when driven by a high
quality Harlequin RIP!).

Even after saying that, though, I will certainly raise the issue again in
the ISO task force working on TIFF/IT-P2. Of course, it may not be possible
for us to do anything about the problem, constrained as we are by working
within the TIFF 6 framework.


Martin Bailey

 Digital Print & Publishing                 Harlequin Ltd 
 I try to ensure that my views expressed here accord with
 my employers, but I am not a spokesman for Harlequin and
        the buck stops with me for what I say here