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August 2017

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2017.08.06 10:24 "Graphics::TIFF v6 released - Perl bindings for libtiff", by <>

v6 seems to have got the tests to the stage where they run on most
platforms, including various Linuxes and Windows (Strawberry Perl).

You can find the source on CPAN:


Perl bindings for the libtiff library. This module allows you to access
TIFF images in a Perlish and object-oriented way, freeing you from the
casting and memory management in C, yet remaining very close in spirit
to the original API.

The following snippet can be used to read the image data from a TIFF:

    use Graphics::TIFF ':all';
    my $tif = Graphics::TIFF->Open( 'test.tif', 'r' );
    my $stripsize = $tif->StripSize;
    for my $stripnum ( 0 .. $tif->NumberOfStrips - 1 ) {
        my $buffer = $tif->ReadEncodedStrip( $stripnum, $stripsize );
        # do something with $buffer