2004.10.14 18:24 "[Tiff] Non-Image IFD's", by Bill Bither

2004.10.14 18:24 "Re: [Tiff] Non-Image IFD's", by Andrey Kiselev

Andrey mentioned that he would like to add improved support for managing non-image IFD's as indicated in this thread:


This would be a very nice feature for us. What would be the expected time frame for this feature?

Well... patches are welcome! I don't have a detailed plan for further libtiff development, but I shall post here some proposals right after final 3.7.0 release (it should happens at this week end).

To us, it's much more important than BigTIFF

But for me the BigTIFF is the most important thing among other libtiff improvements ;-)

as it allows us to create an interface to properly support reading and writing arbitrary TIFF tags, I'm just not sure how much work is involved for a feature such as this.

You can read and write arbitrary tags without non-image IFDs. Those IFDs used to store the arbitrary (often vendor specific) data. I'm wondering what kind of data you want to embed in your TIFFs if the usual tags are not enough for you?


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