2004.10.24 07:37 "[Tiff] [request] add --rpath for jpeg and zlib", by Norihiko Murase

2004.10.26 14:20 "Re: [Tiff] [request] add --rpath for jpeg and zlib", by Norihiko Murase

Bob, Thank you for your comment.

Well, first, as you said in the comment, actually I could build by setting the LDFLAGS environment variable in executing the configure script.

    % env LDFLAGS='-R/usr/local/zlib/lib:/usr/local/jpeg/lib' \
       ./configure ....

This resulted in the following, which is for what I expect.

    % ldd tiff-3.7.0/tools/.libs/tiffsplit
        libz.so => /usr/local/zlib/lib/libz.so (0x280a9000)

Second, it may be bad that the --with-(zlib|jpeg)-lib-dir configure option ALWAYS add the --rpath option to the linker, but you have also the choice that you create --with-rpath option in the configure script, which tells it to add the option.

Anyway, I have no reason for being particular to the configure script option, as long as the way is left in which I can build as I expect.

# Thie means that I respect your development policy ;-)


Norihiko Murase <skeleten@shillest.net>