2004.05.13 08:37 "[Tiff] Easy and low resource rotating of tiff images", by Steven Enderle

2004.05.13 15:17 "Re: [Tiff] Low resource tiff rotation", by Bob Friesenhahn

This is what i did after trying "convert" of ImageMagick. It uses far more than 500MB per Image, like "convert" does. As i wrote, the images are under 150KB. Anyway, it takes 10 or more seconds to process a single image.

Resource consumption may be reduced 50% by building ImageMagick for an 8-bit quantum size rather than 16 bits.

You did not describe your image, but I assume that it is monochrome. Rotations to anything but 90 degree increments require that new pixel values be computed in order to avoid distortion. This means that a monochrome image must be promoted to grayscale. If this promotion is not done, then the result will look bad.

ImageMagick does its pixel manipulations using RGBA style pixels so it is very inefficient for monochrome images.


Bob Friesenhahn