2004.05.27 01:15 "[Tiff] large TIFF - two alternatives", by Steve Carlsen

2004.06.01 15:46 "Re: [Tiff] large TIFF - two alternatives", by Steve Carlsen

is both a strength /and/ a weakness. The fact that Tiff has so many different ways of storing data is handy for the writer, but a real pain for the reader. Maybe PNG isn't flexible enough, but Tiff is so flexible that supporting the full spec is a lot of work.

This is true. Which I why I think that New TIFF should be more restrictive in some ways -- at a minimum, a single Endian scheme. Other restrictions could either be global, or perhaps split into several flavors of TIFF files, perhaps broken out by support of varius compression schemes. And perhaps with different extensions, e.g., .tfb for a Basic New TIFF, with of course 8 byte offsets but that supports only 2 compression schemes (uncompressed and ?), or some such thing.

But I don't mind keeping TIFF quite general, either. I'm only spelling out some alternatives.