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January 2015

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2015.01.09 03:55 "Re: Libtiff JPEG sampling factors error should be warning", by Lee Howard

I would agree that in a situation like that - where the image can be 
read - a warning (rather than an error) is appropriate.



On 01/08/2015 07:21 PM, Bob Friesenhahn wrote:
> I received this [somewhat edited] email off-list.  Is the consensus 
> that libtiff should issue a warning rather than an error for this case 
> (like libjpeg apparently does) so that the image still can be read?
> """
> This image has a problem reading using libtiff 
> "". This image
> fails with the following message: Improper JPEG sampling factors 2,2. 
> This error is raised on line 1104 of tif_jpeg.c (I
> used this file for the line number: 
> []). When I
> change the code to only raise a warning when the sampling factor is 
> incorrect it will create a correct image. I noticed
> that libjpeg will also raise a warning if the data is incorrect. I got 
> this when I changed the h_samp_factor values. Is
> changing the error to a warning a correct patch or do you know a 
> better way to solve this? Or should this image be
> threated as corrupt?"""
> Bob
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