2014.10.15 02:56 "[Tiff] Tiff2pdf page ordering", by Richard Nolde

2014.10.15 02:23 "Re: [Tiff] tiff2pdf built using Microsoft Visual C++ generates pages out of order", by Bob Friesenhahn

Interestingly enough, the "catalog" portions of those two PDFs are identical, so same objects, same order, same pages with same object ids, same page list with same page ids in same order.

So it seems that the only explanation is that the windows version put the actual pages in a different order. Which is very strange.

Very strange indeed. The issue is due to some property of the input file.

I am able to reproduce the problem by compiling libtiff using the GCC MinGW compiler under Windows.

If I use GraphicsMagick 'gm convert' or 'tiffcrop' to convert 123.tiff to a new TIFF file, then the problem does not happen with the new file.

If I use 'tiffcp' to convert 123.tiff to a new file, then the problem does still happen.

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