2004.10.14 07:58 "[Tiff] WIN32 _TIFFrealloc() bug?", by Ville Herva

2004.10.17 17:26 "Re: [Tiff] WIN32 _TIFFrealloc() bug?", by Ville Herva

I thought this one was fixed in the general release some time ago. If you search the message archive you should find the same topic from me,

(I'm sorry about the duplicated post - I originally posted the message without subscribing to the list, and the post was left waiting for a moderator approval. I waited a while and then subscribed and reposted, thinking that the moderator probably is busy and hoped that he'd reject the earlier message since the other one has already reached the list.)

but if you change the TIFFrealloc method this way, it will be fine. This is corrected in the 3.7 release.

Yes, the 3.7.0 release appears to contain the fix.

_TIFFrealloc(tdata_t p, tsize_t s)
  void* pvTmp;
  tsize_t old;

    return ((tdata_t)GlobalAlloc(GMEM_FIXED, s));

This is better than my fix (not that my fix wouldn't work).


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