2003.08.05 00:48 "[Tiff] Problem decompressing LZW Tiffs", by John Johnson

2003.08.05 01:55 "[Tiff] Problem decompressing LZW Tiffs", by Frank Warmerdam


Andrey is digging into this problem already. Andrey, what is the bug number in Bugzilla? I can't seem to find it. libtiff 3.6.0 final will not be released without this being fixed, in the meantime you might be wise to regress tif_lzw.c. My changelog entry for the offending "fix" reads:

         * libtiff/tif_lzw.c: fixed so that decoder state isn't allocated till
         LZWSetupDecode().  Needed to read LZW files in "r+" mode.

So, as long as you are opening the file only in read mode, and not "r+" mode you should be ok with the regressed version.

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