2001.03.21 15:19 "Wang tiff", by Neil Durant

2001.03.21 16:10 "Re: Wang tiff", by Helge Blischke

A colleague has given me a very large number of tiff files that he generated from a scanner with the software that came with that, and it seems that they are not in a TIFF format I can load into conventional graphics packages such as Paint Shop Pro. A bit of investigation has revealed that they are "Wang TIFF" files.

I need to convert them into JPEG format, but the only way I have found so far is using the "Imaging" program that comes with Windows NT, to convert them first to BMP and then on to JPEG in a separate application. However the BMP files are 24 Mb in size (from 200kb TIFF files), and the whole process is taking forever (I have hundreds of images to convert).

Does anyone know of some tool I can use to convert these Wang TIFFs to JPEG directly, and also ideally do it in some kind of "batch" mode, so I can leave it churning on the whole set of files?

I don't know exactly what "Want TIFF" means - could aou post an URL to a sample file, please?