2003.08.05 00:48 "[Tiff] Problem decompressing LZW Tiffs", by John Johnson

2003.08.05 08:58 "[Tiff] Problem decompressing LZW Tiffs", by Andrey Kiselev


Andrey is digging into this problem already. Andrey, what is the bug number in Bugzilla? I can't seem to find it.

Sorry, this was recorded in my TODO list only.

But I have fixed the problem now. State block initialization moved back into TIFFInitLZW() and O_RDONLY check removed, so LZW compressed files can be opened for update. There was a two branches in TIFFInitLZW() for state block allocation: for O_RDONLY mode and for update mode. After encoder removing only O_RDONLY branch remains, so we get a problem with the "r+" mode. I think not checking for O_RDONLY mode will be enough for now.


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