2009.09.14 00:51 "[Tiff] 12 bit JPEG in TIFF", by Charles Auer

I was able to build the CVS version of LibTiff 4.0 with 2 linked copies of LibJPEG (an 8 bit copy and a 12 bit copy) as described at:


I was able to find 12 bit JPEG in TIFF test images at 2 sites:



While I was able to decode the majority of these test images, one image in particular has given me problems:

ITULAB.tif (contained in the 12bpsjpegintiff.zip archive).

I had no trouble decoding the other colorspace images (CMYK.tif, Grayscale.tif, RGB.tif, or YCbCr.tif). I think I could figure this out if I had a more simple image to work with. Has anyone constructed an 8 bit ITULAB JPEG in TIFF image?