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There is some discussion of OJPEG implementation in various threads of this mailing list, one has the subject "Microsoft Imaging and Jpeg in TIFF".

Archives to view these discussions are on:

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What do people think about actually writing the code to read these proprietary TIFF-variants? That would mean using clumsy temp files to extract JFIF files and using then libjpeg to access a raster in memory, or perhaps some other method would work.

Here are some makers of "OJPEG" files: PixTran, Wang, HP; what are others? They can perhaps be differentiated by their TIFFTAG_SOFTWARE, where otherwise each claims to be OJPEG.


It looks like the Imaging for Windows product that Microsoft is giving away is STILL producing those bogus JPEG-in-TIFF files.

i know a little bit of C. but pretty new to TIFF and graphic file formats. is it possible to write a small utility to convert these nasty MS TIFFs to some thing neat and standard complaint. if some one can give me some guidance and a starting point to understand TIFF i can give it a try.

I tried to convince them to change it a while back when it was still called the Wang Imaging for Windows product, but I guess they didn't listen.

may be this was intentional. if i were some one who was not able to find out a solution by myself, then the only option was to purchase a copy of Windows.

no wonder it is the largest selling OS.

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