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1999.06.19 08:06 "TIFF: The Next Generation", by Niles Ritter
1999.06.21 05:58 "Re: TIFF: The Next Generation", by Niclas Borlin

1999.06.21 05:58 "Re: TIFF: The Next Generation", by Niclas Borlin

>>>>> "Niles" == Niles Ritter <> writes:

It is my belief that we should actively invite to participate in the discussions and give them the benefit of the doubt. As a caveat, though, their current note on TIFF tag registry support:

directs all inquiries to, which does not yield favorable results. If anyone has ties to Adobe internal support, an inquiry into this situation alone would be useful. But I digress...

Hi Niles,

Actually, my (one and only) experience with is OK. I applied for my own tag block to on 18/03/99, received an acknowledgement mail from on 29/03/99, and got my own tag block the next day!

But perhaps I was just plain lucky... :-)



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