2008.07.28 08:49 "[Tiff] CVS access", by Mateusz Łoskot

2008.08.11 20:51 "Re: [Tiff] windows 64 bit build", by Bob Friesenhahn

OK... what would be a good way of fixing it? Doesn't look like TIFFFdOpen interface should be changed; I'm not sure why is it used to pass Windows HANDLEs, sounds confusing (as Windows has normal int file descriptors as well). Should we add new functions TIFFHndlOpen or something like that? Win32 only?

In the Windows build, I see that thandle_t is a Windows HANDLE type. TIFFFdOpen accepts 'int ifd' and then casts it into the thandle_t for use in TIFFClientOpen. It also caches the 'int' sized value as tif->tif_fd:

struct tiff {

         char*                tif_name;         /* name of open file */
         int                  tif_fd;           /* open file descriptor */

Unfortunately, struct tiff is part of the public interface so changing it impacts the ABI. A potential solution is to change the type used to pass and store file descriptors so that under Windows, it is always large enough to store a void*.

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