1997.02.20 00:33 "TIFF to PDF", by Cecil Hornbaker

1997.02.20 19:13 "Re: TIFF to PDF", by Doug Vander Wilt

Anyone have an available TIFF2PDF tool built on LIBTIFF?

You can do it with libtiff + Aladdin Ghostscript 4.03+, although the image output is not compressed. (and obviously not OCR'ed)

$ tiff2ps -2 a.tif | gs4 -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOutputFile=a.pdf - -c quit

ImageMagick 3.7.7+ is another way:

$ convert b.tif b.pdf

I have also found that Adobe Acrobat Exchange 3.0 can now import more TIFF. (they have fixed problems I reported to this group last year) Acrobat 3.0 now displays bitonal image pages better with scale-to-gray.

Doug Vander Wilt
Honeywell MICRO SWITCH Division