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Frank Warmerdam-2 wrote:

I am new to the tiff library and this list. I know that handling multiband (>3) tiff image was a topic discussed long time ago. Does anybody have some source code would like to share, or know where to find it?

> "Davis,

Was there a specific question you had with more-than-three-band TIFF images? I work with them routinely so there is no particular problem, though of course

> they don't work well with the RGBA "imaging" interface."
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> My questions here is similar to the 2nd one. I am looking for a function
> that is able to read a multi-band TIFF image from file, no matter how the
> data is organized in the file. There are some functions I found in the
> TIFF package, but usually they do not handle all the cases (datatype,
> interleaving, compression, etc), especially for multi-band image. The
> function I want would be something like:
> TIFFRead(tifffile, buffer[]);

I am also wondering if there is any function similar to TIFFRGBAImageGet, that will get a small part of the image in a given window, no matter what kind of data organization (strip or tile), compressed or not for the image underlying? Your kind help is sincerely appreciated.

"I do not believe such a thing exists in libtiff, but there are higher level libraries, such as GDAL (http://www.gdal.org) that do abstract the

> interface to TIFF files in such a way."
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> Thanks. I am looking into GDAL. Could you kindly point out which file I
> should read? Thanks.

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