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2000.02.15 14:23 "TIFFGetField TIFFSetField", by Christophe Ngo Van Duc


I think, I might have found 2 other bugs:

The first one is when reading a RGB image so samplesperpixel=3 and bitspersamples= 8,8,8. But apparently the

uint16 bitspersamples[3]; TIFFGetField(tif,TIFFTAG_BITSPERSAMPLES,&bitspersamples);

return only the first one bitspersamples[0]=8 but bitspersamples[1] and bitspersamples[2] are not set.

This is not very important for RGB but in our image we do not know (ie we could have something like 5,4,5)

Second one appears when you want to write the SMinSample TAG. for samplesperpixel=3 image this TAG should store 3 values. It seems that it stores 3 times the first one. (verified by tiffdump)

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Tue Feb 15 15:10:43 MET 2000