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1999.03.05 15:07 "Tiled Tiff", by Noureddine Farah
1999.03.05 15:40 "Re: Tiled Tiff", by Frank Warmerdam
1999.03.05 20:34 "Re: Tiled Tiff", by Johannes Leckebusch

1999.03.05 15:40 "Re: Tiled Tiff", by Frank Warmerdam

I'm looking for samples of Tiled Tiff image. Any pointer or information will be appreciated.


In addition to other samples, I would encourage you to test with

It may be problematic in that it uses separate image planes and multiple samples. This appears to be a rare combination and causes some problem in tiffcp. Otherwise, you can just use tiffcp to create tiled files from existing striped files.

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