2003.09.16 20:36 "[Tiff] OT: MS Word to TIFF conversion", by Fernando Loygorri

2003.09.16 21:03 "[Tiff] OT: MS Word to TIFF conversion", by Leonard Rosenthol

I've been asked to find a way to convert Microsoft Word files into TIFF files, so that each page of the original document is turned into a single image in the generated TIFF file.


The process must be scriptable and run unattended in a Unix box.

Your best bet in that case would be using AbiWord (http://www.abiword.org), which can generate images of the pages directly.

Keep in mind that the only software that can reproduce Word files 100% is Word - so if you can't use Word, yuo need to be prepared for less-than-perfect renditions.

Oh, and don't forget about fonts...


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