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1998.12.04 04:44 "future of this list", by Sam Leffler
1998.12.10 15:05 "Re: Future of the list & possible newsgroup?", by Charlie Butterfield
1998.12.10 18:48 "Re: Future of the list & possible newsgroup?", by Sam Leffler

1998.12.10 18:48 "Re: Future of the list & possible newsgroup?", by Sam Leffler

4) Questions for Sam

a) When your approved successor for the list is selected, could you please send out a notice to the group. There seems to be a lot of confusing posting in this regard.

The only confusion has been from folks that don't _read_ the postings here. If you look at the message headers you'll see the list has already been relocated (thanks to Kiriakos).

a) Are you also going to cease maintenance on libtiff? If so, has anybody else that you feel is qualified stepped up to deal with reported problems and suggested fixes. It would sure be nice to have someone technically trustworthy and blessed by "the Sam" to at least coordinate suggested fixes.

If/when I'm no longer willing to "maintain" the software I will solicit people to take it over for me. I'm still willing to deal with the code but have had no time for >1 year to do much of anything related to TIFF. If there are folks that want to be more active in managing the software they are welcome to take it from me; I'll happily pass on everything I've got (RCS files, pending fixes, etc.) so long as I have confidence these people will:

  1. provide all updates for free (not under GPL or similar)
  2. are technically savvy enough to make "informed" changes
  3. are committed to a long term role in handling the software

I've felt no hurry to make new distributions because the existing ones are, for the most part, working fine.