2001.03.21 15:19 "Wang tiff", by Neil Durant

2001.03.21 17:02 "Re: Wang tiff", by Nenad Rijavec


Wang TIFF is a Wang extension to TIFF 5.0, designed to accomodate multiple pages. There seem to be a couple of flavors of Wang TIFF, but they boil down to having each page kept in a TIFF 5.0 format, concatenated in a file. At the end of the file, there are a few data structures that serve as a directory.

I am not aware of a public domain package you could use to convert Wang TIFFs to JPEGs, but it should not be that big of a task to write a program that will unpack Wang TIFFs into a set of TIFF 5.0 files. If you send me a sample, I can look if the flavor you have is one I am familiar with. If it is, I can give you some pointers.

Shameless commercial plug:

Assuming that your files are grayscale (as opposed to color), and that it's a Wang format I've seen before, I actually do have couple of programs that can be strung together to go from Wang TIFF to JPEG in a batch mode. Unfortunately, these are not public domain, but if you are interested, let me know - I can find out how much it would cost you.

Hope this helps,

Nenad Rijavec
IBM Printing Systems Division
Boulder, CO.