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2000.10.05 21:02 "Re: PHOTOMETRIC_YCBCR", by Tim Bell

i know a little bit of C. but pretty new to TIFF and graphic file formats. is it possible to write a small utility to convert these nasty MS TIFFs to some thing neat and standard complaint. if some one can give me some guidance and a starting point to understand TIFF i can give it a try.

I posted code which can be used to do this to the list. Did anyone actually see the code?

I've only just joined the list, so I probably missed it. It would be really good if this code could be put on the web somewhere (preferably linked from the page), so people can find it easily.

A question about your code: does it handle what HP describe as MTIFF -- that is, TIFF files with multiple images in them? I'm able to recover JPEG images from the TIFF files created by our HP 9100C Digital Sender by stripping the first eight bytes, but only if they're single-image files.


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