1999.06.01 08:36 "Tiff to PDF conversion", by Laurent Dupont

1999.06.01 17:55 "Re: Tiff to PDF conversion", by Helge Blischke

I have about 150000 TIFF Files that I would like to convert in PDF format; these files are structured in 2000 directories and in order to build a PDF File, I want to use a specific program asking me which files from which directory are going to be stored together. In my idea, a little program as WinZip seems very well done.

My first issue was to visit the Adobe Web Site and the Adobe SDK 4.0 seems to be helpful to build such dedicated program.

Are there alternative issues? Thanks for your responses.

Another approach would be to use our PostScript procset for direct TIFF handling. It handles all baseline TIFF (according to the V6 spec) and a lot of the extensions described in the spec (short of JPEG, tiled images, clipping paths). The only thing you need to do is to write a "wrapper" (in PostScript) that reads the images's path names from standard input and does proper positioning and scaling. This PostScript program can be fed directly into distiller or ghostscript (whatever you like).

As for the performance, with distiller 3.02 on a Sun ultra sparc, it does appr. 100 to 200 images per minute.

If you are interested, e-mail me directly.