1996.11.12 07:53 "Tiff to Postscript conv??", by Kevin Dale

1996.11.12 18:03 "Re: Tiff to Postscript conv??", by wau

Does anyone know of a utility for converting tiff images to postscript??

I need this for a project I'm working on.


At this moment, I have a similar problem.

I have to write a preview of an EPS file. That preview has to be a PC 1 bit tiff image.

I have spent the las three days looking for a source code to write a tiff with bad results. In some place I saw what you need. A program to convert tiff to postscript. I dont remember where.

Try looking up in lycos whith the keyowrd "tiff format".

Now. Anyone know how to write tiff files?