2003.11.17 09:28 "[Tiff] tiff2pdf contribution", by Ross Finlayson

2003.11.21 21:25 "[Tiff] tiff2pdf contribution", by Leonard Rosenthol

If you could explain the /Rotate field that would be good. I think there should be different rotate flags for view and print.

It tells a PDF renderer what degree to rotate the content. Some renderers due this as a pre-transform on the contents, so do a post -rasterization rotation, etc. Doesn't matter - but it DOES effect all rendering as per the spec.

If you want something different for view vs. print, then you'd want to avoid /Rotate and use PDF 1.5 optional content and CTM's.

The /Rotate would be sufficient for rotating the page, but there are also the four more options to flip or mirror the page.

Not as far as PDF is concerned. /Rotate is there to simply allow people (or software) to fix landscape pages that were done as portrait (or vice versa).

Those functions are handled by CTM...

I've implemented it but it doesn't work right on tiled images with TIFF orientation > 4. I have here a tiled JPEG that has orientation 4 and each row is flipped. I'm wondering in what ways people implemented TIFF orientation with tiled images.

Using CTM is the best way...


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