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2001.03.21 15:19 "Wang tiff", by Neil Durant
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2001.03.21 16:44 "Re: Wang tiff", by Neil Durant
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2001.03.21 17:26 "Re: Wang Tiff", by Sim Zacks
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2001.03.21 17:26 "Re: Wang Tiff", by Sim Zacks

A Wang Tiff is a tiff created by the Wang Imaging application, commonly known as imaging for Windows. It is currently owned by Kodak, I believe.

The application does come with developer OCX's and I believe that it converts directly to JPG fformat. If I am incorrect, then it might be the professional version that can convert directly to JPG. The professional version also comes with developer ocx's so you can write a batch process to convert all your files at once. I have found that Wang tiff images can be read a number of tiff readers, and there are a number that don't like them at all. There was a lot of commotion on the mailing list about 1 ½ - 2 years ago regarding these tiff images, if there is an archive you can check that.

I have not worked with tiff images in over a year, so I do not know if there has been any significant change in any tiff applications that would change what I have written.