2000.02.09 15:05 "TIFFGetFieldDefaulted", by Christophe Ngo Van Duc

Hi all,

I'm developping an application and i'm using your very good tiff library.

But it seems that TIFFGetFieldDefaulted does not behave correctly.

for example when reading the TIFFTAG_SAMPLEFORMAT it should answer 1 if the TAG is not positionned in the directory (as said in adobe tiff6.0 spec) but it answers 0.

I'm using tiff 3.5.2. Is this problem has been corrected in version 3.5.4.

If not may be i can spend some time correcting this and send back to you the tif_aux.c


E-Mail: Christophe Ngo Van Duc <chr@mail.acri.fr>
Wed Feb  9 15:31:46 MET 2000